Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Futurama is back!


You just can't stop Futurama. A day after news broke that the show looked to be coming back, Comedy Central has made it official, announcing they have picked up the series for an impressive 26 new episodes – thirteen more than originally expected. 

This is great for me, I liked Futurama. Coming from the same minds and animation studios that brought us the Simpsons, this will be a great victory for fans like myself. In recent years the Simpsons have become stale to me, and Futurama appears to be a great successor to the Simpsons crowd. 

26 episodes is ALOT, and the four direct to DVD movies didn't really count. Granted be, I had not seen them since I thought it would be the end of Futurama and I could pick them up whenever I wanted. But now that we have Futurama coming back, I have to start watching it every time its on. It's also funny that IGN touched on how Futurama is becoming a mirror image Family Guy story of being resurrected by fans. I agree, but unlike Family Guy which I don't like and still don't understand why it seems to be liked so much, Futurama will be a blast. 

Ever since the movie continuation of Firefly with Serenity, fans seems to have more power to get what they want. I'm kinda tired of people thinking Family Guy was the first fan outcry to bring back the show, because Firefly's movie adaption is a bigger victory for fans :P (and it happened before Family Guy)

Funny that IGN says Fox might air the episodes before Comedy Central, I'm getting tired of Fox's dumb moves and backstabbing. Drive, Firefly, Watchmen, Futurama, Family Guy, geez they really mess things up. 

Can't wait for Futurama :D

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