Friday, June 12, 2009

They Still Make Fishing Rod Controllers?

So, I was reading the most recent issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, and I saw an article about this new fishing game coming out called "The Strike". I normally would just ignore it, and move on to the next page, but they had a screenshot of a fishing controller! The same screenshot right here, actually.

You wouldn't think a fishing game would work nowadays, and I'm still skeptical if it would or not. They say it plays much like Tiger Woods, in that you hold down the trigger, whip the rod back, whip it forward and release in the green zone. The game boasts realistic physics, 111 different lures, types of lines, and rods, not to mention tournaments, and 10 different lakes based on real-world locations.

The article in the magazine says the controller features everything you'd expect a fishing rod controller to have. An accelerometer (much like the iPhone), force feedback, with a certain amount of resistance to simulate the fish pulling away, and, of course, a reel. On another note, I think it's pretty funny that they made the thing look like it does, it almost looks like some sort of S&M toy. Honestly, it seems like the controller would make the game, and without it, you'd just be playing a bunch of crap.

I'm most likely not going to pick it up, but that's just cause I'm not the target audience for this type of game. I feel like there's still people out there who wants to play this type of game. If you're really into sports games, or just fishing in general, than "The Strike" might be the game for you.

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