Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tech Review: Pocket God (iPhone App)

Welcome to the Island of Oog! Ever wanted to be god? Kill people, help them, watch how they live, or make them do what you want? Well you can do almost that with Pocket God. You can control up to six islanders at a time and make them do what ever you want such as move them, make them dance, give them food to eat, or launch them into a volcano. Also you can create conditions to kill them such as lightning hitting them, drop a rock on top of them, drop them in water or even let them fish in the shark infested water. Also each of the islanders has a name and a history. In the history you will find their name, their mood and how many sacrifices they have.

This game is very entertaning. Every now and then they come out with a new episode which has even more then the last. I suggest getting this game because it is very fun, and it helps to kill small people when they can't do anything about it when your mad. :)

Game Rating: 5/5

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