Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Id's Doom just got reawakened

What's that you say? well apparently Id likes the Apple market for downloadable games and has decided to release Doom on it next week. Titled as Doom Resurrection.


It's crazy how Apple has unconsciously moved into the gaming territory, some have even said Apple will be part of the gaming world someday. Fat Chance.

That's cool that people can play Doom on their Itouch or Iphone, but I have to say doing it touchscreen seems...boring. There's probably no skill aiming, its not like with a controller where you have to guide your aim. And home consoles can obviously outstrip the Apple products with better graphics and more content.

So this is good news but the Apples "capabilities" will always be limited, and Apple failed when they tried to enter the console wars back in the 80's.

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