Monday, June 8, 2009

11 year old Genius states his view about gaming...

"I feel it's a waste of time playing video games because it's not helping humanity in any way." 

Intelligence of people is subjective, I wave off compliments about me being intelligent sometimes. This kid definitely is intelligent for working so hard at a young age. But video games being a waste, because they don't help humanity? I guess that's one area he's completely naieve in, i'm sure idiolizers of such smart kids will hate me for saying that. But gaming helped my life.

I am a smart kid in certain areas, I'm usually too modest as some say. But does this kid know more than me about video games. I am a 21 year old gamer who got into one of the top 50 colleges in the United States. And this is my reaction to his "revered" comments on gaming in light of his advancement:

For an 11 year old Genius, I 100% guarantee he's naieve about gaming. It's one thing to form an opinion with all the knowledge he acquired, but he's stating an absolute opinion in the sense that he is correct unquestioningly. Such a bold statement is a sign of arrogance, ignorance, and subjectively incorrect. This kid is hardwired to succeed in life, great, but if he thinks he knows more than devout gamers he is one sided and mistaken. No doubt he is intelligent, but I will not endow respect upon this child who has not aged with wisdom and states such premature opinions. He's not even old enough to touch the core of gaming yet, he is naieve by law preventing him from the gaming pleasures available to my age group. He hasn't lived long enough to understand the world, and likely hasn't had hands on experience of gaming to back up his opinion.

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