Sunday, June 14, 2009

EA fakes Dante's Inferno Protest


Apparently EA had set up a fake protesting group against the game Dante's Inferno in order to promote their game.It was a fake CHRISTIAN GROUP, which didn't go over well with Christian activists.

It's pretty stupid to do a thing like that, especially with such silly protesting like TRADE IN YOUR PLAYSTATION FOR A PRAYSTATION. Sure it was meant to create interest over an apparently "controversial" game because of the protesting, but EA may have also been spiting Christian activists as well.

From what I've seen, they are no more guilty than the Christian activists. Between the killing of the abortion doctor and the protest at a gay persons military funeral, they are definitely not innocent either.

EA did it to promote their game Dante's Inferno, and sadly for those who are angry about this, it will probably work. Why do I say that? Well watch this video and understand bringing attention to individual games helps them sell. Gamer's buy recommended and highly praised games, but will also respond to controversy and overhyped news about a game to buy it.

So make of it what you will, EA did this and it's likely to garner a lot of criticism and sadly sell more games. I really don't care about the game selling because I haven't demo played it yet. If I like it, should I feel bad with the negative advertising criticism? No, and you shouldn't either unless you feel this was a low move or you hate the game when it arrives in 2010.

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