Friday, June 19, 2009

Tech Review: iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 OS

Personally, if I would have known what the new OS would be like first, I would have not spent the $10. It just has features that should have been there all along. The only new one I really like is the Spotlight search and shake to shuffle, other than those I don’t use anything else that came with the update. The following really made iPhone users mad, it was taken from the iPhone 3.0 software update page: MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer. MMS is not supported on first-generation iPhone. Sending video via MMS is not supported on iPhone 3G. MobileMe seems like something that I would use and find very useful, but I am not paying $100 a year for it. Cut the price in half and sure, I would totally get it.

Overall I do not think this was a good update, it just had everything that apple should have included in the past. I really wished Apple could have done a little bit better. Hopefully soon they will come out with something amazing that wasn’t expected to be in the iPhone/iPod touch in the beginning.

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