Friday, June 19, 2009

iphone to get gaming accessories

Controller perhaps?

Okay this is just getting sad, the iphone might have some good iphone games for it. But they will never match the console era, having said that they might threaten the handheld market. But it didn't seem that way with them being touch-only while the DS and the PSP sport buttons and D pad or analog sticks. Now apparently they might remedy this problem with a controller attachment, which would be cheezy.

I can imagine them selling a kit that includes a dock to hold the iphone still if they are stupid enough to make a wired or wireless controller for it. Or a controller that attaches to it, that's great, note the sarcasm. Seriously, the iphone was designed for the ease of carrying it possesses. A latch on controller would be damn hard, probably impossible to stick onto the iphone. I remember trying to carry my DS around with the guitar grip on it, big mistake. I dropped my DS and it was a pain to hold in my pocket, I'd imagine the same could happen to Apple's iphone.

And i'm not forgetting the itouch, but its the same story.

This hype over the iphone being a competitive gaming device has got to end, and I have one big reason how it's going to end. People will not pay the extra money for the extra space in the iphone, and so they will run out of room for games soon.

But man, gaming accessories for a touchscreen cellphone/musicplayer?! that's ridiculous.

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