Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disney's Aladdin on Sega Genesis Review

I've done enough Nintendo, and even though my Genesis needs to be fixed I decided to try a game anyway. Disney's Aladdin, i'm a big fan of the movie and a Disney Renaissance fan at that, so of course I hoped the game would be nice. I distinctly remember playing it in my childhood a lot, it's a good game but it's got bugs.

In the prison level, there are these exploding skeletons you almost cannot avoid taking damage from unless you kill them. Ironic it is to kill a skeleton. The bosses are OKAY so far. The enemies in general are fine but sometimes they get a hit on me even if they don't make contact, guess it has to do with me going closer to swat the enemies a lot.

There are common sense physics issues with the game, on the prison level I kept falling through cement blocks. On the first level i couldn't go up the stairs without walking back to the beginning of the stairs. I tried jumping to save time of course, and yet on the prison level i COULD jump through the landings.

I wish the music was better, it's not BAD music. But in my boredom, the music made me kinda depressed and seemed a bit too fast paced. It repeats over and over, but changes every level. The transitional music is creepy and cheezy at the same time. It kind of prevents me from enjoying the game sometimes, because it seems distracting.

I've only gotten as far as escaping after i got the lamp, i can't get past that moment for some reason. There's this jump I can't seem to make while having to do it fast because a boulder is about to crush me.

So overall the games good, recommended for fans of the movie.

I give it a 3 out of 5

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