Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sony Home impressions

So, Home has been out for a little while now, and since I've just recently got a PS3, I've never got a chance to try it beforehand. However, while waiting for Killzone 2 to come in the mail, I decided to download Home and check it out.

Really, I'm not super-thrilled. Home is a good concept, but it's just executed badly. There aren't nearly enough worlds to explore yet, and the ones that are there are all fairly generic.

The worlds based on games aren't much better. They all have a distinct style, which is good, but there's never really much to do. Each world usually has one game, and the rest is just in-game advertisements, and just chatting to random people.

I suppose Home works best as a chat room, to meet fellow gamers, but wouldn't you rather just play a game to meet other gamers?!?! The most enjoyment I found out of Home was using it to mess with other people. Going up to random people and giving them the "thumbs down" expression and running away is much more fun than waiting on line to play an in-game arcade machine.

Overall, Home is a good idea, but it's executed very poorly. It'd probobly work better if they waited, made it more refined, and released it alongside the release of the PS4 as it's main dashboard. This is still pretty possible, and Sony might just be testing the waters, remember, Home is technically still in "Beta."

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