Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Left 4 Dead update next week for PC

Even though I will be paying for Left 4 Dead 2, THIS is a nice little freebie for the first game to interest me.

Essentially you get to create your own campaign maps, I wonder how far you can customize. Well you can add your own as I said before, cool, but kotaku seems to imply other people's creations will appear as selections? i'm not sure.

I didn't really see much on what you can control, adding more swarms of zombies and deciding how the players will go through the level would be cool. Especially if I could design several ways to get through one map.

But this is a great leap forward, especially if they add all these changes to the new game. HERES AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU CAN DO

People hating the creation of Left 4 Dead 2 will be appeased I bet, i'm also not a good map creator but seeing other people's creations and having fun with them will be priceless. Too bad I didn't get the PC version :(

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