Monday, June 15, 2009

TV Series: Monk

In 2002, this series about an Obsessive Compulsive Detective aired in the middle of him coping over his wife's death and the retirement from the police force. Andy Breckman, creator of the show, was going for a Sherlock Holmes and Watson team duo with Adrian Monk and his assistant.

There are some good solid episodes in this show, the overall morals involve Adrian Monk getting reinstated on the police force and finding those involved with the killing of his wife. The show also focuses on Adrian Monks day to day tendencies with his OCD, giving social commentary on the mainstreaming of those who have trouble adapting.

There are some sour lemons in the list of episodes that I do not want to see again, most notably Mr. Monk and the Rapper where Snoop Dogg made an appearance. Worst episode of the series, some of the episodes fall short on the humor, and sometimes the show gets too serious. The show is supposed to be grounded in a lighthearted, dramatic flow.

Some episodes I recommend include Mr. Monk and the Firehouse, and Mr. Monk and the Leper. But you can watch varying episodes here.

This is a good series which is on it's last season, so while people like me see the end of a great show. Some of you are going to enjoy the vast amount of material you have yet to see. Check out this show.

The final season starts August 7th.

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