Saturday, June 20, 2009

How do you become The One?

Tonight I played another great game of 1v100 with friends, goooood times. At 10 PM the game became a live show, and while many just want to be The One, I wanted to because today was the beginning of the big prize sweepstakes.

Although unrelated, I'd like to believe it increases your ability to win the sweepstakes and most of my party was begging to be The One. So we began talking about HOW YOU BECOME THE ONE. Afterwards I thought of it more and more, and I realize there is some confusion to how they choose someone.

Some of the people i've seen get it have little to no gaming score, you have to immediately believe the choosing is random. But consistently I hear playing a lot more extended play increases your chances. If this is true, and it might be, then how is it random? If playing more helps you get a chance at being the one, then its a pool. Not exactly random, but yet once again the low gamer scores tell me they aren't being chosen very wisely.

I'd mostly believe the picking is extremely random if it weren't for the people picked always looking so weird. Take of it what you will, but I think we need some clarification if anything you do gets you closer to being The One.

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  1. Chris Cashmen actually SAID on tonight's show that in order to become the one, they look at your answer speed and your answer accuracy.

    It's still random, but it seems like it's only from a select number of high-level players...