Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sean Penn Drops out of Three Stooges

Sean Penn is taking time off from acting

It's a done deal he won't be in the Stooges movie if it wants to stay on schedule, so now MGM has hard choices. Recast or Wait?

Recasting for a third stooge would seriously delay the film, because obviously the three actors have to agree with each other if they are going to play this legendary trio. So simply recasting and getting ready to shoot would not be the best idea. So no matter who MGM casts, whether it'd Paul Giamatti, Simon Pegg etc. it should be delayed because time management in a film is extremely important. Among the other choices the variables for who works with the other two, who's schedule can work around it, and other factors makes the odds not in the Farrelly Brother's favor.

Waiting for Penn's two years of me time to do the movie would be the smart thing, why? well personally i'm hoping some things change in the waiting, I am not a Jim Carrey fan because he's the same guy in every movie. So I don't trust him to be different for Curly, but I really am not a fan of the Farrelly Brothers helming a iconic trio and shaping it in their point of view. So I hope MGM at this point put's the movie on hold, and let the people signed on walk away.

Yes I don't like where the movie is going, and think Penn's withdrawal will help me get this movie a new crew.

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