Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Xbox Live issues

Xbox live's downtime until late last night made several of my friends get a little annoyed, I was a little annoyed since I decided yesterday to purchase Ghostbusters.

Ironic since I still haven't touched the multiplayer because the single gameplay is addicting, but it's been a frustrating time for some people to lose Xbox Live.

What I want to make clear to people, who are going to say PSN is better or Xbox live sucks because of these technical issues, think before you speak.

The thing with technology, and especially gaming. Is that we, the gamers, offer very very little room for mistakes when it comes to gaming. If a game wants to win us over or in this case an online service, they have to be consistent. Microsoft has serious issues in the technical department, think about the fact that Xbox's sell like crazy
even though there is a 40 percent plus RROD failure rate for the consoles.

Now for Xbox Live, it's the most popular service so far. and with people hating Xbox for HAVING technical issues after it came back up. I don't get why people complain about that, it's going to get fixed. It drives me crazy how everything is supposed to be 100 percent perfect, just chill people and play your multiplayer games =)


  1. Well as I was telling you last night, what Microsoft should have is test servers to make sure that everything will run smoothly when its all released, also if there will be problems they know how to fix them quick and easy without making others mad.

  2. o i totally agree, but overlooked things always happen. i'm just telling the nitpickers to calm down