Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ubisoft CEO comments on next gen console gaming

Ubisoft CEO shows true colors

Ubisoft's CEO shared his thoughts and here's my reaction:

Give me a break

I happened to dislike Ubisoft's campaign to generate hype and excitement over a new console, because with what the CEO says now about projected game development costs for next gen games shows me it's a money grab more than ever.

This talk about "maxing" out the Xbox but not the PS3 got me annoyed because in the 90's we had the bit wars with Sega and Nintendo about maxing the console's capabilities, and that really fizzed out quickly because we want a good game and graphics aren't always a concern. At least for me.

When Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came out people complained about retail for games being 60 dollars as opposed to 50 dollars last generation, but as the games got better it slowly became worth 60 bucks to have the game. It's still not there yet but my newest buy Ghostbusters is a beautiful, good game that I didn't hesitate to pay 60 bucks for.

But now Ubisoft, and probably more developers will complain of the hardships to compete in the gaming world; even though they sit comfortably in this console generation. If it's really a problem to build for future gaming consoles in terms of cost, don't press for a new console era! I'm in no hurry for a new console era to be honest. I approve of a 10 year console deal.

It's almost like the movie industry, some think you NEED to spend TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to make a good movie. You don't, you just need good material. I loved Castle Crashers and it was the top grade of the low end Xbox Live Arcade, i've got shadow complex coming which also looks great for an Arcade title.

Ubisoft took me in and lost me with Assassin's Creed, it was a beautiful looking game but clearly went for style in the first one more than gameplay. These big developers have a lot more shelved titles than replayed titles for a reason, the smaller developers use their imagination and vision as opposed to pushing the envelope every time.

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