Sunday, May 31, 2009

Captain Skyhawk on NES Review

The one game I didn't feel like playing, all because it was made by Milton Bradley. For some reason I didn't think they could make a good NES game. Holy Mother of God was I right about Captain Skyhawk. 

This game is terrible. The music is good, the intro is pretty good. When you start firing at enemies with a choice of simple firing and mass firing you'd think your all set. But some things are really messed up about this game. 

First the geography, never before in my life have I forgotten frequently out of frustration that you can't slow down or go backward. You can only steer where your lead footed pilot is going, and it doesn't help that the hills and mountains seem to be below you. But when you touch the area where their pixels are, the mountains kill you. There's no graphical design to make them look level with your plane, if you touch them, your dead. And it's weird because you can dip down with the plane, but when you start at max height you're still able to be hit by the mountains; so it's pointless. 

So being you can't slow down you have to really dart around the map, and at first I had no idea the map moved side to side. When I did I was relieved to avoid hitting a mountain close to me, but you are touching the side of the screen to move the view. It'd make more sense to allow a little space when flying to the side so you can see other hills and mountains before you hit them. Nope, this game had me hitting a mountain without knowing it as i tried to steer away from mountains and enemies. 

On top of that the enemies are almost 100 percent of the time moving on the areas without the mountains, and once again the lack of being able to slow down or stop makes me shoot wildly to get them out of the way. 

I can't last two minutes on Skyhawk, it frustrates the heck out of me. This game is worse than Fester's Quest. It's so bad, here is my score.

I give it a 0 out of 5

Avoid this game, if you get it for free or have to take it along with other games. Use it as a dissection project to learn the contents of an NES game as to what's inside. Use it for smashing. Use it to prop up something. But don't play it. 

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