Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trailers of the Month: May 2009


Ed's Picks:

Sherlock Holmes Trailer 

This is a no brainer for May, it’s part of the growing respect for Robert Downey’s performances, and it’s Sherlock Holmes. But this is no regular biopic, heck it even goes under 6 genres including Thriller, Drama, and even has some crazy looking action. I have to see this. 

The Princess and the Frog Trailer

Disney’s formal return to the 2D animation that created the Renaissance in the 90’s with box office after box office. This one makes me laugh and is an interesting reverse take on what happened after the princess kissed the frog. I want to see this, but when there are less noisy kids around. 

District 9 Trailer

Directed by Neil Blomkamp, fairly new in the business. This movie goes into the issue of humans meeting aliens and apparently messing up communication in them. A piece showing how we as humans need to change our behaviors in times of peril or meeting other species, sounds fun to me. I will definitely see this.  

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Trailer

As ridiculous as it sounds in this day and age a G.I Joe movie is coming, and the trailer has some cool moments thanks to the wonders of CGI. The slew of cast members makes me question whether this will stick with people, but the moments with the armor was the nail in the coffin to make me see this. I will see this and hope it doesn’t suck. 

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

A new Trailer came out in May, It showed some more footage. But the biggest one was at the end, the robot sucking sand which is likely Devastator. Another reason for me to see this movie, ILM made a kick ass looking devastator. I’d have to have broken legs to miss this movie. 

Runner up

Gamer Trailer

The makers of Crank bring us a futuristic look at death row inmates being used as MMO characters for real life stunts. If they survive they go free, as much as this defies logic as Brain Taylor and Mark Neveldine did with Crank. That movie delivered so this definitely should be fun. I’m still mulling over seeing this

TJ's Picks

The Road Trailer

The Road is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Cormac McCarthy. I haven't personally read the book but the trailer that was just released is just absolutely phenomenal. It has a great atmosphere to it and from all i've been hearing if you see one movie this year it's the one to see. 

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

As Ed stated above this isn't just any ordinary biopic. I really don't know what to expect. The cast is looking brilliant with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and one of my favorite character actors Mark Strong. The trailer is fast and hard and looks to be a fun time at the movies.

Surrogates Trailer

Based on a graphic novel the film starring Bruce Willis looks like a great robot mystery film. I,Robot tried to tackle the same sort of ideas but never really pulled it off. The trailer for this though looks very appealing just from a stylistic view point. I hope to read the graphic novel before the film hits theaters.

District 9 Trailer

A alien movie put into the style of a documentary? Sounds odd at first but if you have watched Neil Bloomkemp's short film on the same topic you can see it's possible. Plus who doesn't want to see what the would be Halo director can do with a feature film.

Blood: the last vampire Trailer

Alright I have seen the anime of this, I believe there is a manga as well but I haven't read it. I never really loved the anime but it was very much made for it's medium. Seeing a live action version seems like a odd fit to me but the trailer looks very good and like a ton of fun.

Runner Up:

Taking Woodstock Trailer

The trailer looks pretty good. It also helps that Ang Lee's name pops up. My biggest concern is in the trailer is that Demitri Martin is the lead. I have faith in Ang Lee's direction but Im still worried about Martin. It's the reason why Im not confident enough to put it on my top trailers.

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