Sunday, May 31, 2009

Geeksquisite Live Blogging E3 2009

Hey everybody I will be liveblogging throughout all the major press conferences. So if you are interested in seeing what we think of the events as they unfold check us out. Below is the listed events and the times we will be live blogging from. 


Microsoft Press conference 1:30pm est: live blog from 1:15 pm 
EA Press conference 5pm est: live blog from 4:45 pm
Ubisoft Press conference 8pm est: liveblog from 8 pm (could miss beginning)


Nintendo Press conference 12pm est: live blog from 11:45 AM
Sony Press conference 2pm est: live blog from 1:45 PM

So enjoy our live coverage of the show. Feel free to leave comments.

Additional News: I'd like to let everyone know we have a ton of things we'd like to do for E3. I don't wanna promise anything I can't keep so nothing is official but we will be doing our best to give you as much original content as we can.

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