Tuesday, June 2, 2009

EA Press Conference Thoughts and Reactions

So The new day has come but lets one last time go over the events of the EA Press Conference. So the Conference started with a trailer for the game Dante's Inferno. The problem with the trailer was the fact that it was the same one that was shown on Spike TV sunday night. So sadly it started the conference with a bit of a been there done that feeling. They didn't do a great job of getting the show off the ground either, because shortly after Dante they showed their EA girls line of games.  

The girls games included Imagine Pajama party, prom, mall, and show. They talked about the Charm Girls Club and did a good job of making me fall asleep. I honestly can't tell you what happened I wish I could for those who cared but I just didn't have it in me.  

Finally though they got to some "manly" titles like the new Need for Speed: Shift game coming this fall. They talked about how they are now having a leveling system that looked pretty impressive. You can get your profile up to level 50 which is determined by winning and having rivals. The game itself looked really good and in my opinion even better then Forza Motorsport at least from the small amount of footage I saw.  

They then went on to show a few trailers for upcoming games. Including Dragon Age: Origins from Bioware. They showed this new trailer that was super gory and very MTV style. The trailer didn't really reflect the game but I can see how it would get the kiddies all excited watching it on G4. They gave the game a release date of October 20th which sounds good to me. Bioware of course continued their incredible showing at E3 with Mass Effect 2. While I have to say the game itself didn't look that great from the trailer since like Dante it had been pretty much seen before. There isn't anyone out there that played the first game that isn't excited to see how this story continues.  

As Bioware left the floor (for now) Peter Moore took it. EA Sports had a big presence as the conference as is to be expected. Starting with Fight Night Round 4 which got it's release date moved up a week. Also came the announcement of a 2010 title EA MMA which seems like it's going to be a similar title to UFC 2009 from THQ. They then continued to get us looking at fitness games as the next big thing. While they are selling well I have to ask myself, do i actually know anyone with these games? Answer is no, and why? Answer, I have feet and can walk.  

So next in the lineup was The Saboteur which I personally didn't enjoy at all. It was way to "gamey" for my taste. The city of paris is black and white and as you free areas from the Nazi's the city gets it's color back. Assassin's Creed + De Blob = The Saboteur. That is just a game I'm not interested in.  

EA partners finally hit the stage with some of the highlights of the show. Including Brutal Legend which was discussed by Tim Schafer. We got a new trailer for the game showing all the heavy metal stars and the roles they will have in the game. Then APB a new IP from Realtime Worlds was shown in trailer form. From what we can gather it is almost like a MMO with a city consisting of 100 players living within the world. I got a Mad Max type of vibe from the preview.  

EA ended the show with a band having Jedi's walk up onto the stage to introduce a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The trailer was a fight between a Sith Lord and Jedi. The only sad thing was that they mentioned that the game will be released when it's ready. Here's hoping that day comes soon. So the conference went pretty well after the rough start and I'm really excited to see more of a few of these titles.

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