Sunday, May 31, 2009

Serenity Review

Originally released in 2005, Serenity is a movie continuation of a series called Firefly that ran on Fox for a short time. Demanding fans wanted to see a movie of the series since Fox held rights to the series, and had cancelled the show with questionable moves on their part. Joss Whedon who created Firefly listened to fans and headed the movie followup "Serenity". So how did a movie, which holds the record for having the series cancelled, but had enough fanfare for a movie play out? Quite well.

Serenity is about a crew of space pirates who hold amongst them an Alliance Assassin, protecting her from being taken by the Alliance. While this secret Assassin lives among them, the crew become aware of a terrible secret the Alliance never let people know regarding the terror of space: Reavers. 

I have to say, this movie is interesting. The characters are likable and they all support the main character Malcolm Reynolds. The other characters are alot of the time providing comedy relief, there are some good laughs during these times. Not gut busting but witty and word plays that make you smile. And it's the kind of movie you also will notice something new each time you see it, I tried so hard to notice everything happening, not an easy feat. But these characters aren't just comedy relief, the entire crew balances so well in the film. If you aren't familiar with Firefly and see this movie the characters keep you in the loop pretty well, I watched it with family, and they enjoyed it despite knowing nothing about Firefly.

Reynolds is a hard character to understand at times because his actor Nathan Fillion who I like, has a problem delivering dialogue in the right inflection. I also pity Firefly fans wanting another sequel, at the end they will see a moving scene that devalues the idea that the crew would be back for another movie. I won't say why because it would spoil the movie, but one can hope a sequel will be made :). Serenity is a good movie, it's not for everyone. Those who don't like it probably can't follow how fast it progresses. That's okay, Whedon didn't expect everyone would see this. But I imagine he didn't avoid trying to make it appeal to everyone, it wasn't the greatest transition from televison series to the silverscreen. But it has a fair share of filler not forced on people to help them understand the Firefly universe. 

Having said all that, Serenity is a good movie. A very satisfying movie with moments you probably won't expect, shocking moments and okay action. But it can reach beyond its fans if people around the fans are willing to sit down and experience the Firefly culture. It worked when I tried. 

I give it a 4 out of 5

Also, since I proudly call myself a browncoat. I have to say, if your into Sci-Fi you HAVE to see this movie. 

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