Saturday, June 6, 2009

1 v 100 impressions

The 1 v 100 beta from 8-11PM tonight was extremely fun, I hadn't really researched how to play the game but it really got addicting after a couple of minutes. I got in around 20 minutes after 8 and stayed for the whole duration. Man am I wiped.

I gotta say, a lot of the people chosen as "the One" were greedy. It was sad too because one person lost everything because he didn't answer, and he was high on points. Others were just plain greedy and assumed they'd know every answer. 

And some people did seem to know every answer, everyone with me assumed they were googling in the background. I don't know how that's possible, I mean maybe they could get all of them correct but like 2 seconds after the answers are all shown. NAH!

Besides the Trivia, it's worth it to win Microsoft Points. And there was even mention of a 40 inch flat screen TV. I don't know if that was real though. 

The only POSSIBLE downside to 1 v 100 is that its a scheduled thing weekly, other games have allowed you to play endlessly but always end up running dry on new trivia. Obviously this game won't suffer for it.

I hope it gets released soon. :)

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