Monday, June 1, 2009

Halo: ODST Impressions

When we got a first look at Halo ODST at Microsoft E3, I was a bit skeptical when all of us saw the ODST Shock Troops with Recon and ODST Helmets, those helmets looked silly on the soldiers since i'm used to seeing full spartan armor going with it. I also was hunting to hear Nathan Fillion's voice (being a fan) since he's playing the captain in ODST. Anyway onto impressions...

First of all, Joseph Staten delivered on a fanfare by showing that the "power" of the M6D pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved is back! yes it was stronger than a pistol should be but we loved using it and we finally get it back. No Zoom? either they didn't show it or it made it too strong but that's not too bad. At least we get the power of the M6D slugs back. 

You know how Master Chief didn't really talk? so the ones around him weren't ready to engage in conversations. Well since your playing a rookie marine, I expect some more dialogue in gameplay, bungie had some good dialogue in Halo 3. So I'm betting there are some funny moments coming for us. 

Also, the HUD is different as T.J noticed before I did. But then again it's expected when you aren't a Spartan this time around. 

One of the biggest things finally answered for me was the timeline. Halo ODST comes before Halo 3, but exactly when was not specified until now. At the start of the trailer you see the Prophet of Regret's ship going through slipspace over New Mombasa, you would of thought from the way they handled that in Halo 2 that New Mombasa was destroyed. Nope.

The Gritty, technological future of New Mombasa excited me for the little I got to see, but it looks like you'll tour the city fighting the covenant. Which is great, because when they showed the Halo 2 demo, we got to see the city. We wanted to tour the city ourselves but it never came to be in Halo 2 or Halo 3. But now we shall have that chance. 

One of the things i'm concerned about is, once again, you're not a spartan. So I hope they take the idea that marines might have a harder time against brutes, elites and various covenant. 

Otherwise, can't wait for Halo ODST. 

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