Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sony Press Conference Impressions

Sony was definitely the high point for the second day of E3, or at least the more packed conference. Many predicted Sony would be the best of the three conferences, we will discuss this later tonight but for now how did Sony do as a whole?

First they had a countdown showing they would be delayed a half hour, but yet they started on time anyway? Go Figure. Jack Tretton put alot of effort into showing that PS3 was bringing us the next stage in gaming, kinda pointing to its game lineup frequently. 

Multiplatform games like Beatles Rockband and Arkham Asylum were briefly mentioned. 

Uncharted 2 was brought out, the multiplayer beta starts tonight. Then they showed a Demo, the traversing of the buildings, the conflict with airborne threats while scaling the numerous buildings had me drooling. You can't just run away from enemies either, because the helicopter kept following you on the outside while you engaged enemies inside a building they went in. It looked fun, so fun the Naughty Dog label proves this is not a dream. It's a sweet PS3 exclusive.

Then came the MAG demo, live 256 player gameplay. It was sweet to look at, especially being it had to support that many players. It didn't perfect everything but was very satisfying, the map view system, the objective system had the enemies respawning further inside their bunker the closer you got. That makes alot of sense, and the offensive team is set up that on time intervals helicopters came in and thats when friends could respawn. Sweet, the game will be awesome. 

Then after some audio difficulties they got into PSP bundles, rock band was one and hannah montana was another. hahaha. Then they had Kaz Hirai come out to show us the PSP Go, only uses downloaded games so no game slot on PSP Go. That was cool and the full controls slides out of the PSP Go, but it costs $250 to buy. I'll consider buying it if the games are cheaper when you consider the lack of something to physically buy with your game purchase. None of the current PSP's will be phased out but its the lightest and easiest PSP to carry around. 

Then they announced PSP titles like Gran Turismo. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be on PSP, which is a sequel title, not a spinoff. Gameplay of Peace Walker was good looking and is coming in 2010. Resident Evil title coming for PSP, Little Big Planet and Fat Princess as well. Some of those will sell extremely well. 

Moving onto PS3, we got to finally see Assasin's Creed 2 gameplay. It looks slightly better than the first but now you can use a multiple amount of weapons or take them from guards. At one point your flying on a hangliding device which perked my interest for a moment, smoke bombs are also available. Ironically they didn't have a release date but we know its November 11th. 

Then we got Final Fantasy 13 with more footage, looked GREAT. Then they showed Final Fantasy 14...the MMO! Graphics are good for an MMO, although MMO's haven't been my thing. I'm sure Masin (Charlie) will be more talkative about it. Then they brought the Motion Controller Wand out, I really don't have much to say about it. But Sony realizes it's casual and gimmicky, so comparing it to Xbox's motion controller is kind of unfair for both parties. This Wand will be available in Spring 2010.

New Franchaise called ModNation Racers brought out that let you race with online players and create your own maps with a good amount of choices and very easy building controls. Looks fun to me although I heard T.J. comment it really took the graphics ability of the PS3 down a notch. They also showed Project Trico, now named The Last Guardian. OMG it looks even better in alot of areas and less good in a few areas, you play as the boy we finally know. But not really any gameplay.

Then they showed an actual sequel of Gran Turismo 5 for PSP. But the biggest game release was the presentation of the God of War III Demo. It looked flat out amazing, combat was amazing with typical sword slashing, Chimaeras where you could rip their horns off. And if i'm not mistaken did the main character grow wings at one point? Whatever, the game looks crazy good. There was 20 more minutes of the Demo we sadly didn't get to see, and the game will come out 3/10/10. 

Sony threw together a pretty good press conference, Unlike Nintendo it didn't have alot of issues they were a fault of. As to whether it was the best conference of E3, that will very likely be a subject to talk about on the podcast tonight. Sony and Microsoft really fought against eachother here, and Nintendo didn't really but once again. Geeksquisite needs to have some feedback before we can officially broadcast our views. 

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