Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So T.J. wanted me to give my thoughts on DJ HERO, and sent me demonstration videos of the game. Being that I have had Guitar Hero and own Rock Band, I was curious how a DJ record peripheral and a game would work. Sadly to say i'm not too thrilled.

It's a great idea but the thing is its hard enough to get good songs with Rock Band and Guitar Hero taking a huge chunk out of the industry. But the idea of DJ HERO is not to replay those classic songs, the idea is to remix and play with those songs. That makes this game appeal to a different crowd somewhat, and some like me wonder why you wouldn't do the real thing instead.

It's one thing to play a classic song you like, but there is something odd about hunching over a table or sitting at one with your hands flying over the DJ peripheral than it is to hold a guitar or play drums.

Granted be this is a nice idea, why didn't they just go to Guitar Hero or Rock Band and try to get a contract where they provided the DJ device for future titles and further diverse the rock universe. Adding DJ mixing to the Rock Band universe would be kinda sick to give something extra like mixing the song or adding to the universe. Even if its scripted.

DJ Hero doesn't look scripted, so for the "players" its going to be a labor of love more than it would be a challenge to follow along with a pattern. And seeing the buttons on the record spinner made me think you might SLIP sometimes if you really get into it. And the buttons are to mimic you playing the song, but is it me or were the buttons making you play the guitar's notes? If your playing the guitar's notes it makes the DJ element pretty pointless, and the DJ peripheral should have just been patented and contracted to either Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

That's my opinion

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