Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Best Harry Potter Movie to Come?

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This movie is very significant, book wise many things get resolved or answered as to what will come of the wizarding world.

But behind Warner Brothers there are many things about this movie looking very good. Consider that the first two were charming and stylized nicely by Chris Columbus but had a general family friendliness. We never expected it'd go beyond that, but it did with the third movie which ended being the worst of the series. The fourth movie took on a more serious tone and allowed some maturity in the content, and we got to see one of the greatest nemesises called Lord Voldemort.

The fifth movie brought the final director to the franchise, David Yates, who did a good job considering the movie was more talk than action, and was also able to make the characters stronger. Steve Kloves who had written the first four screenplays could not fit in the fifth movie screenplay at the time, he is back now, and likely will put the series back in a comfort zone. So the movies have gotten better over time.

Warner Brothers had also delayed this movie from November to July so they could make more money, which really annoyed me. But considering WB doesn't ruin movies like Fox does, and they've been on a roll lately with the careful attention to production and proper utilization of time, i'll let it slide. Plus they answered the call, as seen in the trailer, for more quidditch :P

The Trailer looks fantastic, and that doesn't hurt either ;)
Release Date is July 17th 2009

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