Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ubisoft Conference Impressions-THE PAIN!

After Microsoft and Electronic Arts had their shot, It was Ubisoft's turn to wow us with their upcoming projects. In stride the conference began confidently, Ubisoft really got me excited. 

So for the first 30 minutes some interesting stuff happened, James Cameron came on stage and talked about his upcoming Avatar movie and the release of a loose MMO based on it. Sounded cool, but after that we had..James Cameron talking about Avatar. Well he lasted a while but then we had....................................James Cameron talking about Avatar. Tell me whats wrong here?!

I'm not kidding, a quarter of the conference was about Avatar and James Cameron. Steven Speilberg took only 4 minutes in a half hour shorter Microsoft Conference than the half hour James Cameron did in the 2 hour conference for Ubisoft. 

But when it was over, then we got to see Red Steel 2 using Wii Motion Plus. It was pretty nice art style wise and the combat with the Wii setup looked well executed, however this is verbatim from T.J. who showed more interest in the game than I. After that they got into soccer, which had technical issues showing the video and ended up being boring to anyone outside of sports. Then they pointlessly proceeded with a move-for-move showing of Splinter Cell: Conviction with the same demo people, just like the Microsoft press conference.

Then they showed R.U.S.E which didn't have anything new we haven't seen. Couldn't get worse right? Well it did as it showed Pets and other Feminine based games no guy or serious gamer would care about. Then they showed us almost 20 minutes of Rabbids Go Home, a virtual acid trip that made me smile a few times for an otherwise juvenile, pointless game. Then the TMNT game for the Wii, that looked good but it didnt have enough to erase the bad taste from everything else mentioned that presented itself. 

Then they showed us the crown jewel, Assassin's Creed 2. Gameplay? Nope, just a Cinematic Trailer introducing new characters. Not enough to have made this whole ride worth the painful moments we had to endure.

So is this the WORST conference so far? Yes. Is it as bad as Nintendo's with the Sarah Palin predecessor woman host from last year? No, It's MUCH WORSE. It can't get any worse than it did for Ubisoft, which is a big empire. But they showed no effort to continue their march to fame, and further buried the change they seemed to want within the company. Core Gamers, I sympathize with you. But remember, at the end of the day if Ubisoft had to pick. It chose the money because everyone without a creative leader eventually does. 

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