Monday, June 1, 2009

Microsoft Press Conference Revelations

Alright so what did we learn from Microsoft this year...

1. Rock Band: The Beatles will be fantastic and how a lot more then 4 players at a time possible with singers. At the press conference they had 3 singers, 2 guitarist, and a drummer all playing on the same tracks.

2. Tony Hawk Ride: This game is just a accident waiting to happen. On top of that after showing a skate board scanned in with the new Project Natal (see Project Natal) what is the point? I think this game will sell descent at first but I just don't see it being a success in the long run.

3. Modern Warfare 2: Treat us to some gameplay and while it wasn't as mind blowing as the demo of the first game it was quite good. The snowmobile footage really brought it home and just looked like a ton of fun.

4. Final Fantasy 13: Is still coming and hopefully it will be in spring 2010. By the way I predicted that weeks ago so, yay me.

5. Epics new game (Shadow Complex): looks like it's setting a new standard for XBLA games. It is a side scrolling shooter that looks incredible. Think Bionic Commando: Rearmed times 100x and your almost there. Cliff has done it again. The game should be hitting the marketplace this summer.

6. Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Splinter Cell Conviction: All have nice trailers and should be shown in more detail as E3 goes on. Splinter Cell got a demo and looked great from what was shown.  Sam Fisher also has a new haircut.

7. Forza Motorsport 3: Will be shipping this october and looks to greatly improve on the title. 

8. Halo ODST: Had a demo which I think looked really good. The graphics weren't overly improved since Halo 3 but it still looked good. New weapons and the return of the strong pistol just excited the hell out of me.

9. Alan Wake: Not as impressive as when it was first announced but looked really promising. Spring 2010 is it's release date. Sounds good since the fall will be cluttered once again.

10. Live Party/Facebook/Twitter: all coming to XBL and all gonna be huge I suspect. Love 'em or hate them these add ons will have a huge presence on XBL this fall.

11. Metal Gear Rising: No MSG 4 but a new title featuring Raiden is coming to the 360. The last big 3rd title as given in and is no longer Sony exclusive.

12. Project Natal: Project Natal 

Overall it was a really impressive conference that will be hard to beat. Good luck competitors.

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