Thursday, June 4, 2009

E3 2009: Sony Motion Controller Thoughts

First we had the Wii remote, then we had the Wii Motion Plus, and then the announcement of Project Natal by Microsoft. After all those announcements Sony unveiled it's motion controller at the Sony conference. While some of the tech demo's they showed were interesting as proof of concept. It was hard to get excited by another motion sensing device.

If this demo was shown before Project Natal maybe the response would be slightly different but with it being placed the way it was, it really fell flat. The one thing going for it was that it seemed more feasible and easier to understand then Project Natal. I can get my mind around the Sony want and how it works and how the light is read by the Eye Toy. Project Natal looks like it works but I don't understand why it works and I think most of the main audience won't either. If you don't care about how the technology works then maybe it doesn't matter. I for one like to know about the technology that I'm using and that's why I liked that I could understand what Sony was doing.

The demo that interested me the most was probably the archery and showing how the game would work with first person shooters. It also showed how RTS games could be used with the system. RTS games have always been plagued by bad console controls so if it works well this motion controller might solve this old issue once and for all.

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